Worksite Assessments and Employee Accommodations

Return to work coordination can be a frustrating and complicated process for workplaces when employee medical restrictions are unclear and possible workplace accommodations are difficult to establish. Our occupational therapists conduct worksite assessments examine the job tasks, workstation, and relevant processes which will assist in identifying potential physical, cognitive or psychosocial accommodations that an employee may require. Interviews with the employee, supervisor, and human resources representative can be helpful in determining practical and reasonable accommodations such as the modification of work tasks, administrative policies or hours of work, environmental stimuli and other less obvious accommodations that may improve employee productivity and well-being.

We help find you collect relevant employee medical information and identify job tasks that are within the employee's capabilities. With proven experience in disability management working with medical providers, insurers, unions, employers, and injured or disabled clients, we know the costs and impact that having workers away from work can have and we know how to get your workers back to work in a safe and timely manner.