Home and Vehicle Accessibility

Enabling Access' has been providing occupational therapy services focused on residential safety and accessibility for more than 15 years.  We work with individuals, families and funding agencies to determine practical and cost-effective safety and accessibility solutions to improve well-being, functional performance and inclusion.

We collaborate with designers, accessibility renovators, and builders to offer functional, human-factor-focused input in all phases of the assessment, design and construction process. Whether you require urgent hospital discharge solutions, plan to Age in Place or have a new project in development, our Home Assessments, Home Modifications and Inclusive Design Consultation will help you reach your goals!

Home Modification Assessment and Consultation for Aging in Place -  Safe Living Manitoba


Home Modifications for Pediatric and Adult Disability

Our Home Assessments for families, disability agencies and for individuals focus on the functional use of space as it relates to current and future mobility, cognitive, and sensory potential. We work with individuals, families, architects, and renovators to determine safe and cost-effective solutions to allow improved accessibility for residents with disabilities

Vehicle Modification

Our experienced occupational therapists work with individuals, families and vehicle modification companies to identify current and future transportation, positioning, and mobility needs. We can provide a list of accessibility features to be considered before purchasing a vehicle as well as work to modify vehicles to allow optimized independence, safety and comfort.

New Build Inclusive Design Consultation

Our Inclusive Design Specialists are skilled in the planning of universally designed residential features and can be a valued asset to your design team. Reviewing and providing consultation on architectural concept and specifications drawings can ensure all current and future functional, sensory and accessibility needs of the family members and visiting community can be met. We have worked with builders and developers, disability agencies and private homeowners on new accessible condominiums, single family homes, and mixed-use residential buildings. Building inclusive residences with an expert in disability and inclusive design features on your team will ensure your new build is fit for all!