Residential Accessibility

Enabling Access Inc. has been providing Home Modification Assessments and Residential Accessibility Consultation services for people with disabilities for more than 15 years. Our residential accessibility services in Winnipeg are being sought after by disability agencies, private home owners, renovation companies, property developers, real estate agents, and more! Marnie Courage (CEO) sits on  the Canadian Home Builder's Association's Home Modification Council and the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists' Home Modification Task Force. Our skilled Occupational Therapists are experts in identifying person-specific functional status, safety risk factors in the home,  and future equipment, support services, and home modification needs. 

Home Modification Assessments and Consultation

Assessments: We work with individuals and caregivers to determine current functional status, identify barriers to access and environmental safety risk factors in in the home.  Our Occupational Therapists consider the resident's current and future cognitive, sensory, mobility, and psycho-social needs and can recommend practical and cost-effective solutions to improve functional performance, well-being, and community inclusion.

Consultation: We provide consultation on any residential accessibility project to ensure  functional, human-factor-focused input is provided in both the design and construction phases. We also provide Home Modification Consultation on prospective homes for purchase to ensure essential features will support post-sale accessibility modifications.

New Build Inclusive Design Consultation

Our Ability and Inclusion Specialists are knowledgeable in universal design, adaptability, vistability and other accessibility-related design concepts. Building from these principals we can help customize interior and exterior design features to benefit residents and visitors.  We provide reviews and consultation on concept and specification drawings to help ensure all current and future functional, sensory and accessibility needs of the residents and visiting community can be met. We also provide project accessibility marketing consultation to builders and developers. Whether you are building a new accessible home, condominium, or mixed-use residential building, Enabling Access Inc. consultative services will ensure your new build is not only beautiful, but also inclusive to all! 

Vehicle Modifications

Our experienced Occupational Therapists work with individuals, families, 3rd party funders and vehicle modification companies to identify our client's disability-related transportation, positioning, and mobility needs. We conduct Vehicle Modification assessments on existing vehicles as well as provide consultation on prior to purchasing a new or used vehicle, to ensure the accessibility and safety features are possible so to optimize independence, safety and comfort.

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