Child and Adolescent OT Services


Kindergarten readiness, developmental growth facilitation, toileting coaching, picky eater therapy, self-regulation training, and more!

School Age

School-based learning, visual-motor skill development, social skills coaching, sensory integration, return to learn following concussion, and more!


Adolescent mental health therapy addressing addiction and self-harm, anxiety and depression, transition planning to adult services, and independent living skill training.

Our Approach

Our team of experienced pediatric occupational therapists strive to promote individual growth, enhance self-regulation, increase functional abilities and well-being using evidence-based therapy methods.

We support children of all ages and abilities from birth through adolescence in reaching their full potential. Individualized and group occupational therapy for children and adolescents are offered in the clinic, home, or other community environments and are available in Winnipeg, throughout Manitoba and Northern Ontario.

We specialize in occupational therapy for Autism Spectrum, Concussion (mTBI), and other neurodiversities affecting activities of daily living and mental health. We partner with other medical professionals to ensure a collaborative approach is used to address your request for service needs. 

Our fully accessible clinic is centrally located at 1431 Corydon Avenue in Winnipeg and provides a welcoming, family-centred environment. Parking is free and there are many amenities just a few steps away.  

Enabling Access Inc. has been providing OT services in our community for more than 15 years. Call today, we are ready to listen! 

Other Child and Adolescent OT Services:

  • Wheelchair, Seating and Related Equipment Prescription
  • Home and Vehicle Modifications 
  • Assistive Technology Assessments
  • Parent or Caregiver Education
  • Disability Agency Staff Training
  • Medical Legal Services


In order to provide the highest quality of feeding services to our community, our therapists use the principles and philosophy of the Sequential-Oral-Sensory (S.O.S.) approach to feeding, which is a researched-based transdisciplinary program geared towards assessing and treating children with feeding difficulties. It offers a systematic approach to assess and address all the factors involved in feeding difficulties and mealtimes. It is philosophically based on the idea that “the child is always right” and that there are likely underlying sensory components to the acceptance or refusal to food. This program is geared towards “picky eaters” and not “problem eaters.” It requires that children accept at least 5 foods. Our therapists work with children and caregivers to increase repertoire of preferred foods and coach parents to assist in making mealtime a positive experience for all!