Child and Adolescent Occupational Therapy 

Our team of experienced child and adolescent Occupational Therapists in Winnipeg strive to promote individual growth, enhance self-regulation, increase functional abilities and general well-being. Using evidence-based therapy methods our individualized and group occupational therapy services are offered at our clinic, in your home, or school.

If you are looking for Autism therapy in Winnipeg, we specialize in providing occupational therapy services to children and adolescents with developmental disabilties, including Autism Spectrum and our therapy can be intergrated into your child's existing Autism treatment plan or programming.

Our Enabling Access Feeding Clinic is a great next step for parents who are frustrated with thier child's ongoing meal time issues and are looking for feeding therapy. Our trained Feeding Specialists in Winnipeg are helping many picky eaters increase thier repetoire of accepted foods and are making mealtimes easier for all!

Our fully accessible clinic is centrally located at 1431 Corydon Avenue and provides a welcoming, family-centred environment with free parking. Enabling Access Inc. has been providing OT services in our community for more than 15 years. Call today, we are ready to listen! 


In order to provide the highest quality of feeding services to our community, our therapists use the principles and philosophy of the Sequential-Oral-Sensory (S.O.S.) approach to feeding, which is a researched-based transdisciplinary program geared towards assessing and treating children with feeding difficulties. It offers a systematic approach to assess and address all the factors involved in feeding difficulties and mealtimes. It is philosophically based on the idea that “the child is always right” and that there are likely underlying sensory components to the acceptance or refusal to food. This program is geared towards “picky eaters” and not “problem eaters.” It requires that children accept at least 5 foods. Our therapists work with children and caregivers to increase repertoire of preferred foods and coach parents to assist in making mealtime a positive experience for all!  

Birth through Prescool

From the moment children enter our lives, we are in awe of all they can do.  From their first breaths, the way they hold our hand, to their smiles and giggles, we know they have potential to accomplish more than we could ever image.  Our birth to preschool program focuses on understanding each child in their uniqueness and building upon their emerging strengths and skills using a family-centered approach. In these precious years, our Occupational Therapists can help with:

- Fine Motor Development
- Breast Feeding and Introduction to Solid Foods
- Picky Eating
- Sleep Training
- Self-Regulation
- Sensory Processing
- Equipment or Accessibility Needs
- Scheduling, Routine and Transitions
- Toilet Training
- Dressing
- Bathing
- Social Skills
- School Readiness (Includes printing and  scissors)
-Caregiver Training and Coaching

School Age

School can be both an exciting and challenging time for both children and parents/caregivers. They start to take on an identity of self outside of the their home.  At times, these years can be especially hard on both parents/caregivers and child due to increasing expectations or difficulty with acedemic performance.  Anxiety, fear and feelings of being overwhelmed can quickly interfere with children reaching their potential.  Through education, coaching and working collaboratively with parents and teachers, our Occupational Therapists can enhance teacher capacity and build upon skill development.  In these years of ongoing learning and development, our Occupational Therapists can help with:

- School-Based Learning
- Refinement of Fine Motor or Visual Motor Skills
- Self-Regulation & Sensory Processing
- Emotional Identification and Communication
- Classroom Accommodations
- Residential Accessibility
- Caregiver, teacher, and/or staff Training
- Social Skill Coaching
- Sleep Issues
- Picky Eating
- ToiletingDressing, Bathing
- Return to Learn/School


Middle and high school years continues to bring change and academic challenges for teens.  Demands in cognitive and social domains are at an all-time high.  School expectations to continue to perform while maturing and developing into independent adults is exhausting.  Keeping a calm mind and body are often difficult with going changes.  Parents may additionally feel as though they have exhausted their own resources.  In understanding that privacy, trust, and a safe environment are key, our Occupational Therapists are here to help with the following:

- School-based learning
- Self-Regulation & Sensory Processing
- Attention and Concentration
- Building Confidence
- Mental Health Direct Therapy 
- Addressing Addiction or Self-Harm
- Trauma Related Therapy
- Independent Living Skill Development
- Picky Eating
- Equipment Provision
- Residential Accessibility 
- Transitioning to Adult Services and Vocational Planning