Job Demands Analysis

A Job Demands Analysis (JDA) or Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) is an essential building block and useful tool for any Health and Safety or Human Resource professional.  A JDA is the assessment of the physical, cognitive, psychosocial aspects of a job, included in the essential and bona fide occupational requirements (BFOR) of the work. Our occupational therapists conduct Cognitive Demands Analysis, Physical Demands Analysis and full Job Demands Analysis, to be used for matching employees safely to jobs within their capabilities and to determine appropriate accommodations following injury, illness, or disability.

Job Demands Analysis are an essential prerequisite for conducting a Job-Specific Functional Capacity Evaluation to match the capabilities of a worker to the demands of the work, for creating post-offer employment testing for new hires, and creating ability fit-for-duty testing for current workers. 

We provide our customers with our innovative JDA database technology which allows you to search through these jobs by level of work (sedentary, light, medium, heavy), by specific cognitive, physical and psychosocial demands, and by tasks that involve a worker's specific medical restrictions. It is a great time-saving tool to quickly search through the contents of your completed JDA reports and for your employee return to work coordinator!