Workplace Health and Inclusion 

We can help you achieve and rise above your organizational health and inclusion goals!

With an advanced understanding of injury rehabilitation, disability accommodation and accessibilty requirements, our ability and inclusion specialists provide assessment, training and consultation. We assist workplaces in meeting the requirements under local legislation and national stardards related to duty to accommodate, ergonomics, psychological safety, and accessibility. 

Using a model of supportive employment and strength-based approach we help you support employees with mental health conditions, physical and cognitive differences to stay at work and return to work following illness and disability. By joining our community you will receive industry-specific news, training opportunities, and updates to CSA  standards so you can recruit, hire and support a diverse workforce using workplace health and inclusion best practices.



  • Lifting and Tranfer Training for Support Staff
  • Creating Inclusive Workplaces Training





It is clear that Enabling Access has invested in people and technology through the timely delivery of accurate reporting and analysis on Job Demands in an industrial setting. Enabling Access was also instrumental in the successful progression of our company ergonomic program by providing valuable tools and training.


-Jeff Hillock (Health and Safety Coordinator at MacDon Industries)