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Clinic phone: 204-475-0433        

Clinic fax: 204-475-4011

Please direct general inquiries to Alix at ext #2

Clinic Adminstrative Assistant

Please direct any accounts payables inquires or provide invoice payment to Vanessa at ext. #12

Operations Manager/Accounts Payable

Marnie Courage, CEO & Inclusion Specialist

204-475-0433 ext.1

Gina Tranquada, Senior Occupational Therapist

204-475-0433 ext. 3

Robyn Musgrove, Staff Occupational Therapist

204-475-0433 ext. 4

Elayna Hurtig, Staff Occupational Therapist

204-475-0433 ext. 5

Bree Dawson, Senior Occupational Therapist (On Maternity Leave)

204-475-0433 ext. 6

Jackie Belbeck, Associate Occupational Therapist -BRANDON MB (On Maternity Leave)

204-475-0433 ext. 8

Erin Floyd, Staff Occupational Therapist 

204-475-0433 ext. 9

Samantha Pollock, Staff Occupational Therapist (On Maternity Leave)

204-475-0433 ext. 10

Angela McMillan, Staff Occupational Therapist

204-475-0433 ext. 11

Morgan Ashcroft, BIRTLE MB, Staff Occupational Therapist

204-475-0433 ext. 13

Enabling Access Clinic - 1431 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba