Enabling Access Inc. has been providing accessibility auditing, training and consultation for more than 15 years in Manitoba. As experts in functional accessibility and inclusion, we contributed to the development of the Government of Canada's adjudicating criteria for accessibility projects under the Enabling Accessibility Fund. We have also participted in evaluating Manitoba businesses, accessible public space nominees for the City of Winnipeg's Accessibility Advisory Committee's Public Access Awards.

Collaborating with Architects and our cross-disability user groups, we conduct small business and large scale accessibility auditing for organizations and multi-campus secondary education facilities. Some of our cutomers have included MITT, Red River Community College, MGEU, and others.

We also assist developers, builders and designers as our experts review concept and specification drawings, provide input for those interested in improving the accessibility features of thier properties. We help organizations screen potential properties prior to purchase or lease to ensure accessible features meet their current and future needs.

Marnie Courage created and teaches "Creating Inclusive Workplaces" at the University of Winnipeg and continues to lead our accessibility auditing, training and consultative services to assist organizations and community groups in reaching thier accessibility and inclusion goals!

Corporate Accessibility & Inclusive Design Consultation

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) became law in 2013 and was developed to identify, prevent and remove barriers to accessibility of services and the public environment. Our  Inclusive Design services assist building owners and businesses to stretch beyond building codes to reach best-practice Canadian Standards in accessibility and inclusion.

When consulting on new public or employee space, or the renovation of current space, we use principles of Universal Design and Sustainability while considering the functional use of space as it relates to mobility, cognition and sensory differences in the people who work for and access the environment. Our Inclusive Design Specialists work with architects, builders, project managers to help you renovate or build a fully accessible environment, optimizing ergonomics and ability, with a human factor focus. By involving us in the early concept design phase instead of having us review finished specification plans, you can ensure cost-saving, functional solutions are embedded into your plan before it is too late to add important accessibility features and functional design elements. 

Customer Service Accessibility Audits

This innovative user experience, tablet-based screening, is conducted by our cross-disability expert Testers who identify barriers in Customer Service based on their on-site, telephone and website interactions. Our disability and accessibility professionals (Enabling Access’ Occupational Therapists) coordinate the screenings, examine solutions and consider best practice barrier removal strategies to improve organizational attitudes and practices related to disability and accessibility. The report deliverable outlines prioritized solutions to remove and prevent Customer Service barriers, with the goal of creating a more inclusive organization. Our findings and proposed solutions are presented to organization stakeholders, aim to meet obligations under the Customer Service Standard of the AMA, and can be applied directly into the organizational Accessibility Plan. 

Architectural/ Physical Accessibility Audits

Our Professional Accessibility Audits are conducted jointly with our partnering Architecture Firm (f-BLOK Architecture) and with our cross-disability team of individuals who face barriers in the built environment. Together, we use a multidisciplinary approach coupled with lived experience to identify barriers to services, environment, and social participation. 

Our auditing team conducts an in-depth practical analysis of interior and exterior spaces considering best practice accessibility and inclusive design guidelines/standards. The comprehensive report offers prioritized conceptual remedial work and ‘work-arounds’ for deficient areas. Functional solutions include a variety of sensory, physical, and cognitive considerations. Our findings and proposed solutions are presented to stakeholders for consideration and to inform their corporate Accessibility Plan with the goal of increasing accessibility and creating inclusive organizations. 

Accessible Event Planning

This professional consultative service includes a tablet-based, user experience screening of the physical environment specific to current or future events, conducted by our cross-disability representatives to identify physical barriers. Their results inform our Architects and Occupational Therapists as they conduct a comprehensive analysis of the exterior and interior spaces related to the event, a review of all event related marketing (web, print, media), audio-visual requirements, safety procedures, and staffing services. The comprehensive report deliverable includes short-term workarounds and prioritized long-term solutions to ensure your events are inclusive and accessible for all.

Workplace Accessibility and Inclusion Training

The following 1/2 day training sessions can be customized for your workplace:

*Creating Inclusive Workplaces - Recruitment to Accommodation 

*Accessible Customer Service Practices - Small Efforts, Big Impact 

*Disability Awareness- Dignity, Respect, and Human Rights

Please call for detailed course content and pricing.

Accessibility Symposiums and Workshops

Home Modifications - Building Accessible Futures    

June 14, 2018. Viscount Gort Hotel. Winnipeg. 9 am- 12 pm 

October 19, 2017

Marnie Courage presented "Accessible Real Estate: New Laws. New Opportunites."

at the REALTORS Reset Conference in Winnipeg.

Marnie Courage of Enabling Access Hosts Inclusive Design Symposium

With 72 attendees sharing the goal of improving the Inclusive Design

of Manitoba's built environment, our event was a great success!

Thank you to speakers Bob Topping of DesignAble Environments,

Trevor Rebeck of CHCP Elevators, and Nicole Gareau-Wilson from the Disabilities Issues Office for their contributions!



The Accessibility for Manitoban's Act and all that it involves is new and unfamiliar to most of us who attended your presentation. We knew about the highly visible areas, such as wheelchair ramps and automatic door openers, but for most of us, that’s as far as it went. When Marnie Courage spoke of room layout design, technology, and communication barriers this was something that most of us just took for granted.  You walked us through a lot of valuable information and you provided us with the tools we will need to meet the needs of our communities.

-Doug Armstrong (Brandon School Division)

Accessibility Consulting and Inclusive Design Services