Accessible Customer Service Notice

In the spirit of Manitoba Access Awareness Week (MAAW) June 14-20th, 2020, Enabling Access Inc. has created a communication tool for the public to use to notify businesses of customer service barriers experienced when attempting to access their goods or services. This accessibility awareness initiative gives people living with disabilities in Manitoba a voice as consumers. The intent is that businesses identified will consider the barriers potential customers are exeperiencing and make efforts to reduce or remove these barriers both online and in-person. 

If you have recently experienced a barrier to accessible customer services at a business you would like to access, please fill out the notice form below and we will forward to the identified business for their consideration. This Notice is available in alternate formats.

If you are a business who has received a notice and would like learn more about what you can do to remove the barriers or apply a work-around solution, please do not hesitate to contact your ability and inclusion specialists at

For more information on the Accessible Customer Service Standard, and the Accessibility For Manitobans Act, and excellent resources for businesses to build more inclusive companies, visit the Government of Manitoba website at

Accessible Customer Service Notice

I understand that Manitoba businesses are working through these COVID-19 uncertain times while reopening or changing their operations to respect public health precautions. With 175,000 people in Manitoba having a disability (1 in 6), it is important to consider how customer service (online or in person) may affect persons with disabilities.
In a recent attempt to access your goods or services, either online or in person, myself, my family member, or friend experienced the following barrier/s to accessible customer service:
The following feedback is offered for you to consider as possible solutions or workarounds to remove the identified barrier/s:
Thank you for considering how you can make your goods/services more accessible to all Manitobans!
The Accessibility Standard for Customer Service is now law in Manitoba. All businesses and organizations are required to provide customer service that is accessible to all Manitobans. Learn about the Accessibility for Manitobans Act and the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service here at