Workplace Wellness/ Stay at Work Initiatives

Employee Health and Wellness is now considered as important as any Health and Safety initiative, playing a key role in employee retention and reducing costs associated with employee lost time, illness and injury.  We have developed wellness education sessions based on the issues you have identified as being important to protecting employee health and well being. We have also designed these courses to be accessible to most workplaces, large or small, by offering one-hour sessions at lunch, pre-shift, or post-shift.

Managing Stress at Work and Home

This one hour session covers the anatomical and physiological effects of stress, identifies the triggers and  the responses to stress. Long term effects of stress, as well as home and work stress factors, are reviewed. Healthy strategies for dealing with stress are discussed and recommendations for improved health relating to stress reduction are provided.

Nutrition and Healthy Living for Shift workers

This one hour session reviews  the important role nutrition plays in healthy living and the consequences of poor nutrition on health for shift workers. The Canada Food Guide is analyzed and related to the participants in terms of age, gender and nutritional requirements. Tips for essential foods for healthy eating on the go for shift workers are provided. Resources for additional nutritional information is provided.

Stretching to Prevent Injuries

This one hour course outlines the benefits of a warm up and stretching routine at work before and throughout the workday to prevent injuries and improve the health for healthcare employees. Stretching program is introduced and techniques for implementing an stretching program in the workplace is provided.

The Aging Worker

This one hour session provides information on the benefits of exercise and movement for the aging worker. The natural effects of aging and their relation with injuries in the workplace are reviewed in detail and related to job performance and personal achievements. Tips for maintaining physical and cognitive skills are provided and risk factors for disease and injury are identified. Participants are provided with health resources to improve health and function at work and home.

Fall Prevention At Work and Home

This one hour course reviews the scope of injures associated with falls at work and home. Balance, visual, vestibular and proprioceptive changes related to aging are discussed. Environmental, engineering and behavioural risk factors that contribute to falls are outlined at home and work and methods to reduce the risk of falls are discussed.

Menopause and its Affects at Work and Home
Smoking Cessation

Work-Life Wellness Education

Our innovative Work-Life education and training focuses on people and the relationship they have with their various life roles and environments. 'Employee' is often only one role a person assumes, therefore our education and training uses examples from both work AND home, to help participants learn the principles of ergonomics, physical and psychological health, safety and wellness, as they apply to all areas of living. Call today to get your employees trained to prevent injury so everybody benefits!