Vocational Rehabilitation

Our Occupational Therapists are Matheson trained ergonomics evaluators, disability accommodation and return to work specialists.  We consider our client's physical, cognitive, and psychosocial functional capabilities, the demands of the learning or work job tasks and identify accommodations that facilitate a timely and successful return to work experience.

Ergonomics Assessment / ErgoLab Equipment Trials

This assessment is the analysis of an employee's workstation, equipment, and environment to identify risk factors and their effects on the employee (force, repetition, awkward postures, contact stress, vibration, and more). The assessment investigates human factors, task requirements, workstation organization, and environmental factors.  A detailed report is provided with photographs outlining the risk factors for the employee and the recommended behavioural, administrative and engineering control measures to reasonably accommodate the employee. We now offer an ergonomic and assistive device equipment trial program at our Clinic, where clients can trial the devices, furniture, and equipment which our occupational therapists are recommending, 

ErgoLAB Ergonomic and Assistive Technology List

Physical and Cognitive Job Demands Analysis / Percentage of Duties Assessments

A Job Demands Analysis is the assessment of the physical, cognitive, psychosocial aspects of a job, included in the essential and bona fide occupational requirements (BFOR) of the work. Our occupational therapists conduct Cognitive Demands Analysis, Physical Demands Analysis and full Job Demands Analysis, to be used in return to work planning and to determine appropriate employee accommodations, following injury, illness, or disability. Job Demands Analysis are an essential prerequisite for a Job-Specific Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Worksite/School Accommodation Assessments

Return to School / Return to Work Coordination