Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

Our Coaching and Training Services are customized to each organization to assist workplaces with the implementation of the CSA Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Standard (CAN/CSA-Z1003-13/BNQ 9700-803/2013).  Our expert Psychological Health and Safety Occupational Therapists  (Certified PHSW Advisors by Canadian Mental Health Association) will help you identify, measure and evaluate current efforts, areas of strength, deficits, provide training at supervisor and employee levels, and can help to create a customized pathway to improved organizational psychological wellbeing.

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Psychologically healthy and safe organizations can experience:
  • enhanced employee creativity and initiative
  • better employee retention rates and higher levels of collaboration
  • healthier levels of employee stress and improved resiliency
  • reduced grievances and improved employee satisfaction and engagement
  • prevention of human rights complaints and improved recruitment of talent

Download the free Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace CSA Standard Here

Customers may benefit from our PHSW Coaching services if:

  1. Supervisors or front line employees are dealing with sensitive situations like suicide threats or disclosure of psychological symptoms;

  2. The organization wants to do the right thing when it comes to employee or organization mental health well-being but doesn't know how to initiate or implement strategies;

  3. The organization lack expertise, time and resources to deal with these issues and the requirements of this CSA Standard;

  4. The organization is aware of many resources, has invested efforts in this area but does not have methods to measure effectiveness or appropriateness of programming;

  5. The organization lacks stakeholder/management support for “wellness initiatives” or who don’t see the value in psychological safety programming; or

  6. The organization is experiencing employee Loss Time issues that are impacted further by due low job satisfaction.

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