Post-offer Employment Testing (POET)

            Functional testing evaluator holding stop watch as client picks up box in preparation to lift it.

Individualized post-offer testing ensures employers that their new employees are safe to do the essential functions of the job they were hired to do.

There is no better way to treat injuries than to prevent them before they occur. Post-offer Pre-employment testing has been proven to prevent and reduce workplace injuries. If employers are not testing their employees, they are buying their next worker's compensation claim. Employers have the ability to take control of their worker's comp costs as well as take care of their employees through functional, individualized testing. This testing is defendable in court and is designed and implemented in accordance with Canadian Human Rights legislation.

Our clinic collects comprehensive medical information from the candidate including pre-existing conditions, injuries, restrictions or illnesses. Each test consists of job specific tasks which must be performed safely by the candidate. The job specific tasks are based on a thorough and comprehensive Job Demands Analysis(JDA) and the test design reflects the bona fide occupational requirements.

Objective measurements are taken during testing including heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, as well as clinical observations to determine if the candidate safely "Meets" or "Does not Meet" the physical/cognitive requirements of the job. Only these results shared with the employer, and all personal health information is held by our clinic within the requirements of the Personal Health Information Act.

We use lifting standards and candidates are instructed and provided correction on proper body mechanics and safe lifting techniques while participating in the test. As a result of this testing there are no surprises about what it is like to perform the job when the candidate completes the test.