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Our Team

Marnie Courage, Director and Inclusive Design Consultant

Marnie established Enabling Access Inc in 2005 to meet the gap in public health care community occupational therapy services. As an occupational therapist, Marnie is a Life Care Planner, providing medical-legal expert testimonies in the field of occupational therapy, and vocational rehabilitation. She has developed innovative injury prevention programming including customized ergonomic training for employees conducting physically demanding work. Marnie was awarded a grant through the WCB's SafeWork Manitoba Research and Workplace Innovation Program in 2015 to deliver her customized ergonomic training to construction workers throughout Manitoba. Marnie's passion for increasing accessibility in Manitoba is embedded in her Inclusive Design consultation; her contribution to the City of Winnipeg's Access Awards Jury; and in the workshops she creates to increase awareness of accessibility laws, best practice for designing the built environment and to ensure services and goods are made accessible to all Manitobans. Marnie is an instructor at the University of Winnipeg's Human Resource Program, teaching "Creating Inclusive Workplaces-Accessibility to Accommodation" and is a dynamic public speaker, presenting at conferences and workshops in her field throughout the province.

Jeannine Bourrier, Office Manager
Jeannine joined Enabling Access with a diverse background in the healthcare industry, bringing her experience as a medical administrative assistant and a home support worker. Jeannine has done a variety of humanitarian and volunteer work with local churches, communities and soup kitchens. Her personal experiences and desire for knowledge have also helped her grow professionally through the opportunities to facilitate groups, provide spiritual ministry and teach people about holistic living. Jeannine provides customer support including accounts receivables and referral processing at Enabling Access. Jeannine keeps the wheels of Enabling Access rolling and is a tremendous asset to our team.

Bree Gillis, Lead Occupational Therapist (Rehabilitation) WINNIPEG & SELKIRK
Bree holds a Masters of Occupational Therapy degree and undergraduate Psychology degree, both from the University of Manitoba. She provides rehab services to individuals with neurological injuries, and those living with physical, intellectual and sensory impairments. Bree leads our rehabilitation team assisting individuals with increasing their functional independence and removing barriers at home, work and in the community. Bree also provides workplace ergonomics and injury prevention services conducting job demands analysis, post-offer testing and ergonomic training. Certified in Matheson Ergonomics and Functional Capacity Evaluations, Bree assists caregivers, lawyers, and insurers in determining functional status, accommodations and appropriate care support services.

Linda Harrison, Lead Occupational Therapist (Mental Health and Brain Injury)
Linda is an occupational therapist whose specializes in mental health and neurological rehab for brain injury. She is a Certified BrainFx 360 Administrator (Cognitive Testing) and certified Goal Management Training Instructor (Cognitive Rehab). She provides Activation Therapy, is trained in Motivational Interviewing and uses a cognitive behavioural approach when assisting with clients living with mental health conditions and neurological injury to re-engage in meaningful activities. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology and a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (Occupational Therapy) from the University of Manitoba. Linda leads our Psychological Safety in the Workplace Training, assisting workplaces with early identification of mental health conditions and establishing healthy stay at work and return to work programs.  Linda is the author of Daily Living Skills Worksheets: Reproducible Resources for Teaching Independent Living Skills.

Gina Tranquada, Occupational Therapist
Gina graduated with a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology-Athletic Therapy from the University of Manitoba.  Gina works directly with clients living with mental health conditions, as well as those with intellectual, physical and sensory impairments, to improve accessibility and function.Gina works with our clients to improve independence and assists in helping clients to achieve their functional and vocational potential with direct therapy and return to work preparation. She conducts workplace accommodation assessments, job demands analysis, post-offer testing and ergonomic assessments. Her return to work and stay at work consultation assists our customers with their disability management reducing time loss costs related to injury and illness. Gina also performs Residential Accessibility Assessments, Customer Service Accessibility Screenings and our Architectural & Physical Audits to remove barriers in the built environment. 


Robyn Musgrove, Occupational Therapist

Robyn graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Masters in Occupational Therapy and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology from the University of Winnipeg.  She has strong experience working with clients with varying acute and chronic health conditions in a hospital setting and is now using her client assessment skills and equipment/service prescription within our community-based Rehabilitation Program. Robyn's wheelchair seating and discharge planning skills are an asset as she takes an objective approach, considering client goals and customer parameters with each interaction. Robyn completes a variety of rehabilitation assessments in the community, as well as workplace ergonomic worksite assessments, post-offer testing and job demands analysis.

Lindsay Edwards, Occupational Therapist

(Currently On Maternity Leave)
Lindsay has extensive experience in the area of Workplace Ergonomics and Injury Prevention. She is certified in Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluations(FCE), Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations (CogFCE), and is a Certified BrainFx 360 Administrator(Cognitive Testing). Skilled in job demands analysis, ergonomic evaluations and post-offer employment testing, Lindsay's personal trainer certification background make her a great instructor of workplace ergonomics. Lindsay graduated with a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Medical Rehabilitation and has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science-Kenesiology degree. (University of Manitoba).


Jackie Belbeck- Occupational Therapist BRANDON

(Currently On Maternity Leave)

Jackie brings a wealth of experience providing occupational therapy to people with neurological, musculoskeletal, orthopedic, advancing age and mental health conditions. She conducts functional and cognitive assessments, home access assessments, and provides direct treatment service to clients to increase independence in preparation for returning to work. Jackie holds Certification in Neuro-Rehabilitation (Brock University), is SAEBO certified, NDT trained and is a Certified BrainFx 360 Administrator (Cognitive Testing). Jackie graduated from the University of Manitoba's Master's of Occupational Therapy, with a Bachelor Degree in Arts. Jackie works in our Brandon office, providing services in that region.

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