Our Team

Marnie Courage, CEO & Inclusive Design Consultant

Marnie established Enabling Access Inc. in 2005. She is a Bachelor of Psychology and Bachelor of  Medical Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy graduate from the University of Manitoba. She is a trained mental health clinician and a Return to Work Specialist. With a passion for increased accessibility, she completed Universal Design courses through the University of Buffalo and holds an Executive Certificate in Home Modification from the University of Southern California. Marnie designed and teaches Creating Inclusive Workplaces - Accessibility to Accommodation course at the University of Winnipeg's Human Resource Program. She sits on a national Home Modification Taskforce and is contributing to Canadian Aging In Place Certification course development. Marnie is also a Matheson Certified Ergonomic Evaluator Specialist (CEES), Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator, Post-offer Employment Testing Evaluator and has developed innovative Workplace Disability Management Services. She was awarded WCB's SafeWork Manitoba Research and Workplace Innovation Program grant in 2015.  Marnie is a Certified Life Care Planner, specializing in brain and spinal cord injured clients, providing medical-legal expert services internationally.  Marnie is a dynamic public speaker, presenting regularly at conferences and workshops in her field.

Vanessa Meads, Office Manager

Vanessa has a strong background in business finance and customer relationship management. Vanessa completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Integrated Studies at the University of Manitoba and is currently working on her Human Resource Diploma at the University of Winnipeg. Vanessa provides our customer service support, processes referrals,  and handles all invoicing. She conducts the bookkeeping management tasks and helps to keep our Enabling Access Inc. team on top of our administrative tasks. She handles all general inquiries and coordinates workshops and other special events.  Vanessa continues to ensure the business operations and clinic management runs smoothly. 

Bree Dawson, Senior Occupational Therapist 

Bree holds a Masters of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Manitoba. Certified in Matheson Ergonomics and Functional Capacity Evaluations, and Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations, Bree assists our insurance, workplace and medical-legal customers with determining their client's physical and cognitive limitations and related workplace accommodations. Bree is our rehabilitation lead OT, wheelchair and seating specialist, and disability agency service coordinator.  Bree assists her clients with increasing their functional independence and removing barriers at home, work and in the community. Bree conducts caregiver training and provides a variety of assessments for clients with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations and those living with other physical, intellectual and sensory impairments.  

Craig Bennett, Senior Occupational Therapist 

Craig is a Masters of Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor of Kinesiology graduate from the University of Manitoba. Craig is a Matheson Certified Ergonomic Evaluator Specialist (CEES) and with a strong foundation in biomechanics, he understands the physical, psychological, and cognitive demands of work. Craig leads our Workplace Disability Management Services. He is a certified Canadian Mental Health Association' Psychological Health and Safety Advisor and works with our customers to help reduce employee loss time, improve productivity and assist in creating a healthy workplace culture. Craig provides a variety of assessments and consultation to our workplace customers and is able to draw from his experience to identify risks and mitigation strategies using a cost-effective, practical approach.

Gina Tranquada, Senior Occupational Therapist

Gina is a Masters of Occupational Therapy and a Bachelors in Kinesiology-Athletic Therapy graduate of the University of Manitoba.  She is Matheson Certified in Functional Capacity Evaluations and provides a variety of rehabilitation services including assessment and direct treatment for her clients with mental health conditions, mild brain injury/concussions, and those with physical injury or disability. Gina is a skilled mental health clinician and cognitive rehabilitation specialist who assists clients to achieve their functional potential in preparation for return to learn or work planning. Gina's passion for improving accessibility for Manitobans is demonstrated in the residential and public space accessibility assessments and consultation she provides. 

Robyn Musgrove, Staff Occupational Therapist

Robyn is a Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Arts (Kinesiology) graduate from the University of Winnipeg. She provides a variety of rehabilitation services to our insurance and medical-legal customers including assessments and direct treatment to clients with mental health conditions, mild brain injury/concussion, and those with physical disabilities. Robyn is a skilled mental health clinician and enjoys preparing her clients for successful return to learn and work experiences. Robyn's sense of humour and ability to gain rapport and trust with her clients helps to moves them closer to their potential. Robyn is an excellent return to work coordinator, assisting employers with implementing accommodations and finding work assignments within the employee's capabilities.

Erin Floyd, Staff Occupational Therapist (Winnipeg and Kenora)

Erin is a Masters of OT graduate from the University of Manitoba. She provides a variety of rehabilitation services including assessments and direct treatment for clients with mild brain injury/concussion, mental health conditions, and those with intellectual or physical disabilities. Erin is licensed to provide OT services in Manitoba and Ontario and provides services out of both our Winnipeg and Kenora locations. Erin's genuine interest in assisting her clients to improve their cognitive function, productivity, and mental health well-being is demonstrated by the positive impact she has on her clients, with every interaction.

Samantha Pollock, Staff Occupational Therapist

Samantha graduated with a Masters in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from the University of Manitoba. Samantha is a skilled OT experienced in providing community-based direct and consultative services for her clients, working on a multidisciplinary team. For Enabling Access, she provides Workplace Disability Management OT services and is assisting workplaces across the province in preventing injuries through ergonomic job evaluations and training. She also plays a key role in returning injured workers safely back to work. Samantha's interest in mental health and meaningful work shines through, in the consultation and training she provides to our workplace customers in the area of psychological safety, early intervention mental health screenings, and by connecting our customers to community mental health resources.

 Angela McMillan, Staff Occupational Therapist

Angela graduated with a Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of Manitoba, following her Bachelor Degree in Psychology. Angela worked for Enabling Access as a contract OT 8 years ago and after gaining more experience in geriatric rehabilitation, spinal cord injury and brain injury in long term care, Angela returned to Enabling Access Inc. to provide rehabilitation services to our clients. With specialty skills in wheelchair and complex seating prescription, catastrophic injury assessments and rehabilitation, Angela provides hospital discharge, home and vehicle modifications and cost of future care planning with timely and expert occupational therapy to our insurance and legal customers. 

Jackie Belbeck, Associate Occupational Therapist (Brandon)

Jackie is a Masters of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Arts graduate from the University of Manitoba. Jackie holds certification in Neuro-Rehabilitation (Brock University), is SAEBO and BrainFx 360 Administrator certified, NDT trained and provides a variety of assessments and direct treatment to her clients who have mild brain injury/concussion, spinal cord injuries, mental health conditions, and those with physical injury or disability. Jackie works out of Brandon, Manitoba, and her ability to identify barriers and provide solutions or treatment that improve her clients' functional independence, help our customers rest assured knowing they have the right OT for the job.