Our Company

We are enabling access to improved health, well-being, safety, and accessibility for individuals and workplaces in Manitoba and Northern Ontario. We have clinic locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Kenora, Ontario.

We believe that reaching individual potential requires the support of others. The value that we place on human-to-human connections, and creating supportive experiences to optimize ability, extends past what we do, to drive the why and how we do it.

While providing services in the areas of Workplace Health and Inclusion, and Functional Rehabilitation, we aim to make tangible improvements in people's lives, based on our fundamental belief in every person’s right to safely experience their job, home, and community to the fullest extent possible.  Since 2005, our flexible and responsive processes have been creating supportive experiences for customers. 

Our enthusiastic and dynamic team of occupational therapists continue to build connections as service partners, providing expert consultation, conducting a variety of assessments and customized training that enables accessibility, optimize ergonomics and human ability. 

Our Values: 

1.   Personal and family wellness 
2.   Laughing and playing together 

3.   Creating professional and genuine relationships 

4.   Customer experience and feedback driven services

5.   Corporate giving focus to benefit individuals living with disabilities

6.   Proactive and transparent communication 

7.   Supporting each other for personal and professional growth

8.   Identifying barriers to services and environments in our community
9.   Using a strength-based approach to help individuals reach their goals 
10. Striving to make a positive impact on individuals, workplaces and our community