Our reliable and responsive Occupational Therapists are diverse in their expertise, allowing us to offer assessments, consultation and direct therapy that will address your client-specific referral needs. Occupational Therapy services are clinic and community-based out of our Winnipeg and Kenora Clinic locations. We specialize in providing services to clients with complex mental health conditions, intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. 

Physical Functional Rehabilitation

  • Personal Care Assessments / Functional Assessments
  • Child Care / Dependent Care Assessment
  • Sensory/ Behavioural Assessments
  • Wheelchair /Equipment Assessment and Prescription
  • Home and Vehicle Access Assessments
  • Physical Functional Capacity Evaluations/ Functional Abilities Evaluations
  • Worksite Accommodation Assessments
  • Job Demands Analysis
  • Return to Work Coordination
Cognitive / Concussion Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive Assessments (BrainFX360)
  • Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Post-Concussion Return to Work Preparation  
  • Cognitive Reconditioning 
  • Worksite Accommodations Assessments
  • Cognitive Demands Analysis 
  • Return to Work Coordination
Mental Health Rehabilitation
  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Progressive Goal Attainment Program
  • Stay at Work / Return to Work Therapy 
  • Worksite Accommodations Assessments
  • Job Demands Analysis 
  • Return to Work Coordination

Rehabilitation and Disability Case Management Consultation

Our occupational therapists are Stay at Work and Return to Work specialists providing a customized and collaborative service that involves planning, coaching, arranging support services. We also monitor the client's medical status and well-being, as they progress through their rehabilitation program and prepare to return to work or to engage in clinical rehab programming.

Medical-Legal Services
  • Life Care Planning / Future Cost of Care Assessments
  • Housing Assessments