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Our reliable and responsive occupational therapists are diverse in their expertise, allowing us to offer assessments, consultation, direct therapy and caregiver training that address your specific referral needs. We offer our rehabilitation focused occupational therapy services both at our clinic and in the community to our customers who range from national rehab companies, insurers, lawyers, disability agencies, and individuals.

We specialize in working with clients living with Mental Health Conditions, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and those who have experienced musculoskeletal injuries following motor vehicle accidents.

Personal Care Assessments

A home-based assessment following injury or disability to determine the functional level of an individual in the areas of self-care, home access and task management, driving, community outings, and more. Recommendations for support services, adaptive equipment, and accessibility improvements are provided to improve functional independence, safety, and rehabilitation.

Residential Accessibility Assessments

This residential accessibility assessment is conducted in the individual's home to identify barriers to access and independence. Mobility and adaptive equipment, as well home modification concept solutions are provided. We work with architects and builders to help individuals living with disabilities to reach their full functional potential with maximum independence and accessibility. We provide inclusive design consultation for home renovations and accessible new build projects. 


Our occupational therapists are aging-in-place specialists and are experts in project managing custom accessible renovations for bathroom, kitchens, and entrances. We work with equipment vendors and construction companies who are Certified Aging In Place Specialists (CAPS) to remove barriers and create beautiful and functional residences for people of all abilities.


Click on the icon below to visit our SAFE Living Manitoba service page. A preventative cognitive and physical assessment with home access evaluation.



Wheelchair/Seating and Mobility Assessments

A clinic or home-based assessment to determine appropriate mobility devices and seating products. Our rehabilitation occupational therapists are seating specialists who have experience with custom and commercial seating and focus on comfort, skin health, and positioning for optimal independence and function.

Physical and Cognitive Job Demands Analysis

A Job Demands Analysis is the assessment of the physical, cognitive, psychosocial aspects of a job, included in the essential and bona fide occupational requirements (BFOR) of the work. Our occupational therapists conduct Cognitive Demands Analysis, Physical Demands Analysis and full Job Demands Analysis, to be used in return to work planning and to determine appropriate employee accommodations, following injury, illness, or disability. Job Demands Analysis are an essential prerequisite for a Job-Specific Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Ergonomic Assessments/Worksite Assessments

This assessment is the analysis of an employee's workstation, equipment, and environment to identify risk factors and their effects on the employee (force, repetition, awkward postures, contact stress, vibration, and more). The assessment investigates human factors, task requirements, workstation organization, and environmental factors.  A detailed report is provided with photographs outlining the risk factors for the employee and the recommended behavioural, administrative and engineering control measures to reasonably accommodate the employee.


Workplace Accommodation Assessments

Percentage of Duties Assessments

Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation



Mental Health Assessments and Rehabilitation


Sensory/ Behavioural Assessments

Customized Training for Disability Support Workers

Rehabilitation Consultation & Case Management

Our occupational therapists are Stay at Work and Return to Work specialists providing a customized and collaborative service that involves planning, coaching, arranging support services. We also monitor the client's medical status and well-being, as they progress through their rehabilitation program and prepare to return to work or to engage in clinical rehab programming.

Medical Legal Services

We have Certified Life Care Planners who conduct Cost of Future Care Analysis for personal injury cases across North America and testify as expert witnesses in the areas of injury and illness rehabilitation,  accessibility of the built environment, and workplace accommodation. Marnie Courage is a recognized Life Care Planner who has proven medical-legal experience submitting defendable, non-biased Future Care Reports to personal injury attornies both in Canada and the United States. Marnie leads the team of occupational therapists who conduct all business with the assumption that all assessments and reporting may end up in court and therefore all deliverables will be defendable in opinion and documented using best practices. We provide expert testimonials, review peer reports, review surveillance video and provide opinion within our scope of expertise.  

 I have worked with a lot of life care planners and found you extremely knowledgeable. I particularly enjoyed and valued your hands-on approach and the continuous interaction between the two of us regarding the development of a plan and ensuring the client’s needs are being taken care of. Most importantly and relevant to our case, the constant communication ensured both of us were getting the most accurate information from the family.” 

                                                                                 -Nick K. Personal Injury Attorney Southern California

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