Physical Functional Rehabilitation

Following injury or disability, we identify our client's physical and functional capabilities to assist you in determining eligibility for insured benefits, legal entitlement and can help the client improve their functional independence and productivity.

Personal Care Assessments / Functional Assessments

Child Care / Dependent Care Assessment

Permenant Impairment Assessments

Wheelchair /Equipment Assessment and Prescription

Home and Vehicle Access Assessments

Physical Functional Capacity Evaluations/ Functional Abilities Evaluations

Job Demands Analysis 

A Job Demands Analysis is the assessment of the physical, cognitive, psychosocial aspects of a job, included in the essential and bona fide occupational requirements (BFOR) of the work. Our occupational therapists conduct Cognitive Demands Analysis, Physical Demands Analysis and full Job Demands Analysis, to be used in return to work planning and to determine appropriate employee accommodations, following injury, illness, or disability. Job Demands Analysis are an essential prerequisite for a Job-Specific Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Worksite Employee Accommodation Assessments 

This worksite assessment examines the job tasks, workstation, and relevant processes which will assist in identifying potential physical, cognitive or psychosocial accommodations that an employee may require. Interviews with the employee, supervisor, and human resources representative can be helpful in determining practical and reasonable accommodations such as the modification of work tasks, administrative policies or hours of work, environmental stimuli and other less obvious accommodations that may improve employee productivity and well-being.

Return to Work Coordination 

Our Occupational Therapists assist our clients in returning safely and timely back to work by proposing thoughtful return to work and graduated return to work plans, which identify the roles and responsibilities of all parties, outline targeted start and end dates, and measure effectiveness employee accommodations. We liaise with the employee and employer throughout the return to work process to monitor progress and adjust the plan as required. Our proven processes are built on open communication, collaboration and a guiding person-environment-occupation model of practice.