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A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) or Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) is a clinic-based functional assessment conducted by our FCE certified occupational therapists at our clinic located at 1431 Corydon Ave in Winnipeg or at our partnering clinic located at Steelcity Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre in Selkirk, Manitoba. We offer both Baseline and Job-Specific FCE's, depending on the customer's referral questions. To meet our customer's growing demand for these services we now have 4, Matheson Certified FCE evaluators ready to respond to your FCE requests! 

An FCE is a method of measuring an individual's ability to perform specified tasks on a safe and defensible basis. The resulting report provides objective information about an individual's current abilities to perform work tasks and activities.  These activities include lifting, pushing, pulling, and repetitive tasks for the upper extremities, precision tasks and postural tolerances (such as sitting, standing, walking, etc.).  Standardized measures for consistency of effort and reports of disability and pain symptoms are incorporated into the assessment protocol.                                           

The purpose of an FCE is to collect information about the functional limitations of a person with a medical impairment. In addition, the FCE can be used to determine if the individual will be safe in performing various job tasks and if job accommodations will be required.  

As occupational therapists, we consider psychosocial factors that may be presenting barriers to function and return to work potential. We can also recommend rehabilitation strategies to improve functional tolerances and performance, such as direct therapy to improve mental health, physical re-conditioning, and vestibular tolerance as required, ensuring a successful return to work experience.


A CogFCE is a specific Functional Capacity Evaluation that assesses the functional impairment of a client’s memory, attention, planning, problem-solving, learning, impulsivity, and tolerance for multiple demands. 

The evaluation includes a variety of standardized and functional assessments conducted in the clinic and in the community. The evaluation report will outline the impact of any changes in cognitive function and recommend customized strategies to accommodate or minimize the condition. This CogFCE is appropriate for clients who have experienced a mild brain injury/concussion, stroke, cancer treatment affecting cognition and other conditions.

Workplace accommodations and rehabilitation recommendations, including cognitive return to work readiness therapy, vestibular therapy, and mental health treatment may be indicated.  This assessment is conducted as an overlay to the physical FCE to allow for the evaluation of physical and cognitive tolerances in preparation for vocational planning and job matching.