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Ergonomic Assessments             

Individual Office Ergonomic Assessments

We offer individual ergonomic assessments for workplaces throughout Manitoba and Northern Ontario.  The on-site assessment includes an interview with the employee, photographs of the workstation and review of the job tasks to identify ergonomic risk factors that may be contributing to employee discomfort and productivity loss. You will receive a comprehensive report outlining the ergonomic risk factors specific to the employee, with recommended administrative, behavioral and engineering accommodations. The employee is provided with ergonomic education at the time of assessment along with an Office Stretches and Office Ergonomics Guidelines poster to assist in improving their working behaviours. 

Office Ergonomic Screenings 

These  30-minute mini-assessments are a preventative screening for your employees that will identify ergonomic risk factors and provide you with a checklist of recommended equipment or furniture that may be required to improve comfort and productivity. These screening assessments should not replace the individual ergonomic assessment for employees with medical conditions or who are returning to work following an injury. 

*Our "Office Ergonomics-Preventing MSI's at Work" Education Session is recommended as a prerequisite to these screenings

*NEW* Ergonomic and Assistive Technology ergoLAB                                

As a value-added follow up to any on-site office ergonomic assessment we conduct, we now have ergonomic furniture and assistive technology assessment and trial "ergoLAB" located at our new clinic. The purpose is to provide our customers with the opportunity to send their employees or clients to us to trial recommended ergonomic furniture, accessories and assistive devices, before you purchase! 

This innovative program can reduce employee time loss costs, unnecessary purchasing of ill-suited equipment and ultimately allows your employee or client to try this furniture or equipment before YOU buy! We can expedite the procurement process by connecting you with vendors who sell a wide selection of items and prevent chronic injury, disability while enabling a safe and speedy return to work/stay at work experience.  Our occupational therapists communicate with local ergonomic and assistive technology equipment vendors and furniture companies, to have their products in our ergoLAB for trial. Following the assessment and trial, we can order and arrange delivery of these products to your workplace. If your company has specific vendors or standing arrangements with any, we can arrange with them to have these products in the ergoLAB for trial as well.

Ergonomic Job Analysis (Non-office/Industrial)

An in-depth examination of a job or task to identify physical, environmental and psychosocial risk factors that could contribute to musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. Considerations for frequency, duration, and force of physical demands, and positions are examined.  The risk factors and possible personal protective equipment, administrative processes, engineering improvements, and behavioural recommendations are outlined with priority coding. Manual Material Handling, Patient Handling or other job components are reviewed for risk and addressed through solutions we present to you for discussion and implementation.