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Injury Prevention and Disability Management

We can help you achieve your workplace injury prevention and disability management goals. Our Occupational Therapists are certified ergonomic evaluators who identify workplace safety and ergonomic hazards, including environmental, psychosocial and physical risk factors. We recommend practical, cost-effective solutions and provide valuable customized training for employees and supervisors, which can help prevent injuries, increase productivity and reduce costs related to musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace.

Ergonomic Analysis

* Office Ergonomic Assessments                

* Office Ergonomic Screenings (multiple workstations)

* Industrial Ergonomic Assessments  

* Cognitive and Physical Job Demands Analysis                

* Physical and Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations

Injury Prevention & Ergonomic Training

Worker Level Training:

  • Office Ergonomics-Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries at Work (1-hour)
  • Industrial Ergonomics- Manual Material Handling, Situational Awareness and MSI Prevention (2-hours)
  • Stretch and Flex- Warm up and Stretch MSI Prevention Program (1-hour)

Safety Professional, Human Resouce, and Mangement Level Training:

  •  Office Ergonomics- Evaluator Training  (1-day)
  •  Ergo Eye Industrial Ergonomics for the Safety Professional (2-days)
  •  Successful Disability Management - Connecting HR and Safety (1-hour)
  •  Psychological Safety in the Workplace (1-day)
  •  Safety Considerations for the Aging Worker (1-hour)
  • Creating Effective Injury Prevention/Ergonomic Programs (1-hour)

Post-offer Employment Testing

Individualized post-offer testing ensures employers that their new employees are safe to do the essential functions of the job they were hired to do. Comprehensive medical information is obtained including pre-existing conditions, injuries, restrictions or illnesses. Each test consists of job specific tasks which must be performed safely by the candidate. The job specific tasks are based on a thorough Job Demands Analysis. Post-offer Pre-employment testing has been proven to prevent and reduce workplace injuries. 

Disability Management Consultation

Our occupational therapists are Stay at Work and Return to Work specialists providing a customized and collaborative service that involves planning, coaching, arranging support services. We also monitor the client's medical status and well-being, as they progress through their rehabilitation program and prepare to return to work or to engage in clinical rehab programming.


Wellness Clinics and Training

Managing Stress at Work and Home (1 hour)

Nutrition and Healthy Living for Shiftworkers (1 hour) 

On-site Wellness Clinics in partnership with RPE Fitness

  •   Employee Nutrition Consultation
  •   Employee Fitness Testing
  •   Healthy Living Competitions and Events





It is clear that Enabling Access has invested in people and technology through the timely delivery of accurate reporting and analysis on Job Demands in an industrial setting. Enabling Access was also instrumental in the successful progression of our company ergonomic program by providing valuable tools and training.


-Jeff Hillock (Health and Safety Coordinator at MacDon Industries)



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