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Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Training 

Employee Level Training

The following topics can be presented in a 1-hour session, which are great for new hire orientation, Lunch and Learn format or customized into 2-hour sessions for special events, conferences and employee education days:

  • Office Ergonomics-Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries at Work 
  • Industrial Ergonomics- Customized Manual Material Handling, Situational Awareness and MSI Prevention 
  • Stretch and Flex- Warm up and Stretch MSI Prevention Program 
  • Safe People Lifting and Handling 
  • Situational Awareness Safety 
  • Understanding and Minimizing Occupational Vibration Exposure  
  • Building Resilience- Managing Stress at Work and Home 
  • Nutrition and Healthy Living for Shift Workers  

Safety Professional, Human Resource, and Management Level Training:

  •  Office Ergonomics- Evaluator Training  (1-day)
  •  Ergo Eye Industrial Ergonomics for the Safety Professional (2-days)
  •  Successful Disability Management - Connecting HR and Safety (1-hour)
  •  Psychological Safety in the Workplace (1-day)
  •  Safety Considerations for the Aging Worker (1-hour)
  •  Creating Effective Injury Prevention/Ergonomic Programs (1-hour)