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Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation

The following services are offered to lawyers, insurers or individuals who require information about an individual's cognitive capacity, in determining their functional and vocational potential. We are a certified BrainFx provider with certified occupational therapist BrainFx 360 evaluators.


BrainFx 360 Cognitive Assessments                                          BrainFx PDF Brochure  

BrainFx 360 is a web and tablet based assessment of Neurofunction TM. The client complete 62 multi-sensory, real-life and simulated activities on a tablet that measure performance on 30 cognitive skills. Because more complex cognitive skills are measured, it is designed to discern subtle dysfunction. When a baseline assessment has been completed, reports can be compared to understand the degree of change, providing a useful functional and clinical outcome measure. Designed for people (age 10 & Up) with concussion/ mild TBI, stroke, mental illness, dementia, and other neurological disorders or conditions with cognitive effects.                                                        

Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations (CogFCE)

Our Occupational Therapists (trained in CogFCE through Matheson Systems) conduct a comprehensive set of standardized and observation-based assessments, which determine both the physical and cognitive abilities of the client. The Cognitive portion of the FCE can be administered on its own (without the physical capacity portion) to outline only the cognitive capabilities of the client; however much is learned about cognition, throughout the physical testing. A Job Match CogFCE measures cognitive abilities of the individual that are matched to the cognitive demands of the target job and assist in determining if the job is appropriate and what accommodations may be required. 

Cognitive Activation Therapy

A pre-vocational treatment program which focuses on activity participation designed to assist individuals who have experienced cognitive changes due to mild brain injury/concussion, or complex medical condition, such as cancer. Our occupational therapists focus on the areas of personal care, home & community management, and work. We address symptom management, cognitive limitations, set achievable goals, develop routines, address negative thoughts and assist the individual and workplace with the application of compensatory tools and accommodations for a successful return to work experience. 

Cognitive Work Hardening

Using the CogFCE profile of the individual, we customize work readiness training that assists the individual in improving cognitive tolerances through increasing exposure to computerized activities and functional work simulation tasks, matched to their target job. Cognitive Work Hardening is often conducted in tandem with a physical work conditioning program offered by our Physiotherapy Partners, Pure Lifestyle Physiotherapy in Winnipeg, and Steelcity Physiotherapy and Wellness Center in Selkirk.


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