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  •  Occupational Therapy and Vocational Rehabilitation Winnipeg

SAFE Living Manitoba

Are you worried that someone you care about is not safe to live independently at home? Are you thinking about modifying your home to Age in Place? This preventative, functional assessment and residential accessibility service can help.

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Occupational Therapy Winnipeg, Brandon, Selkirk


Do you need to determine an individual's physical, cognitive or vocational capabilities? We conduct assessments, provide occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation consultation to facilitate activation and return to work potential.

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Occupational Therapy Winnipeg, Brandon, Selkirk

Workplace Disability Management 

Would you like to reduce workplace injuries and WCB claims? We identify the physical and cognitive demands of work, determine ergonomic risk factors, conduct ability testing and job-specific customized training.

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Accessibility & Inclusive Design

Are you interested in identifying barriers to your services or environment? Our Inclusive Design Consultants conduct Accessibility Audits and provide Accessibility Consultation for residential and public spaces, to remove barriers and allow access for all.

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Shop Enabling Access

Are you looking for great ergonomics resources? Disability Caregiver Tools? or Adapted Yoga for people with Disabilities? We offer posters and videos that can improve health, wellness and prevent injuries.

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